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PostSubject: Rules!   Rules! Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2007 8:50 pm

1. No spam!
Don't reply with useless and offtopic answers. This will result in 2 warnings, and then a 3 day ban.

2. No huge or offensive avatar pictures / signatures!
Offensive pictures will result in an automatic 3 day ban, while huge pictures will result in a warning.

3. Don't double post or bump old topics!
This will result in 3 warnings, then a 3 day ban. If it persists, you will get a 7 day ban.

4. Do not upload trojans / viruses if you wish to upload archives!
If it is a mistake, just simply change it. If it is not edited within one day, you will get a permanent ban.

5. Do not impersonate a moderator or an admin!
This will result in a permanent ban.

6. Do not post in the wrong section!
You will get 1 warning. That is it. Then you will get a 3 day ban. I can't stand to help retards who can't read.

7. Do not go offtopic if you're not in the offtopic section!
This will result in 4 warnings, then a 4 day ban.

8. Do not flame newcomers!
They are just new. If you flame them, it will be 2 warnings, then a 3 day ban.

9. Do not use pornographic, violent, (I'll see if it's okay) colorful blinding hippy colors, racism, and pictures that will lag your browser pictures!
This will result in no warnings. Just a permanent ban.

10. Use good grammar!
Try to use good grammar, seeing as some members won't understand you. There is no warnings or bans for this.

That is all. Mods can help you around the forum seeing as I won't be that active on weekdays. (I start school from 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM. Then 2:45 to 8:30 PM.)
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