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 [Gunz] My List of Possible and Impossible Hacks!

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[Gunz] My List of Possible and Impossible Hacks! Empty
PostSubject: [Gunz] My List of Possible and Impossible Hacks!   [Gunz] My List of Possible and Impossible Hacks! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2007 5:05 am


Admin Console*
Action Lock*
Camera Lock*
Spawn Lock*
Weapon Lock (Gun Lock)*
Lock X-Y-Z Cord / Camera*
Fly Hack (Air Walk)*
Lock Camera Distance*
Speed Hack*
No Spread*
360 View*
Fast Actions*
Space Mode
No Gravity
Names Above Head
Developers Mode
Infinite Block
Speed Hack 2
Ninja Jump
Air Hook
Fast Melee Attack
Infinite Massive Attack
No Stun
Backwards Wall-run


God Mode (Infinite HP & AP)
No Clip (Walk Through Objects)
Zero Delay
Zero Recoil
Orange Admin Text (other people can see it)

DLL Injection

All of the above.
Respawn Commands
Suicide Commands
Level Hacks (Levels Available in all channels)
Remote Delete Character
Remote Request Clan Leave
Remote Purchase Item

Unlimited Ammo
Leveling Hacks
Bounty Hacks
Disable Level Restrictions (EG level 3 getting into expert channel)
Disable Level Restrictions on clothes, weapons etc.
Weight (Server sided)

This list will be updated as more and more people submit hack suggestions to me.

Ones denoted with an * means they are on the developers mode
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[Gunz] My List of Possible and Impossible Hacks!
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