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 [Gunz] My List of glitches!

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[Gunz] My List of glitches! Empty
PostSubject: [Gunz] My List of glitches!   [Gunz] My List of glitches! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2007 5:04 am


Quick Slash - With your sword out, click and hold until the massive animation begins. Let go, and repeat. Note: You can do this faster with kodachis. Let go and slash right at the beginning of the animation.

Slash Cancel - Slashing cancels dashes, wall runs, wall jump, etc... Using this concept, people have created Butterfly, Half Step, etc... You can also climb up walls by jumping, dashing off a wall, slashing, and repeating from step 2.

Grave/Spawn Shot - This is a fun one! When you die, make sure you have a firearm out. Swords and items don't work with this. On the countdown, wait until right after "1", click, and hold. You'll fire that weapon from where you died in the direction you were aiming if you did this correctly. Note: You can also keep clicking or use the "Press Fire to Spawn" to help you time this.

Reverse Massive - This is a sword move. Get a massive, go to the person, turn around, release your massive. This is unblockable by normal blocks.

Sky Block - This is a sword move. Block and look straight up. This blocks the reverse massive.

Sky Break - This is a sword move. Get a massive, turn around, look straight up, and massive. This pierces Sky Block.

Ground Block - Yes, another sword move. Block and look straight down. This blocks Sky Break.

Ground Break - Last block/break thingy... Really! Get a massive, turn around, look straight down, and massive. This pierces Ground Block.

Aiming Glitch - I just learned this last night. Go right beside a person, turn your back to him, aim straight up (align yourself with the person), and slowly lower your crosshair (just a little) until you can see the person's name. (And his/her insides....) Shoot with any firearm besides rockets and you can hit that person.

Yoyo Hop - This can be done with... anything, actually. Basically, you're dashing with a gun/item. Here's how to do it: Jump and switch to another item at the same time. (Optional, but it makes it easier.) When you see your head "jerk", double tap a direction key. This is useful for shooting around corners or into alleys/halls.

Instant Massive - This is a melee weapon trick. The concept is simple: start charging your massive then switch to another weapon/item right as/before it finishes charging. Your gun will have a glow and when you switch back to your melee weapon you'll have a massive strike charged. The best part is that the glow is client side, meaning no one else will know you have one charged. (Unless they saw you charging it.)

Note, these are just weapon glitches.  There are several movement glitches.  The Dungeon and the Battle Arena Maps are known to have the most glitches.  Dungeon is the lord of glitches, uncoded walls, places where you can wall-cancel high enough to a wall and stop float in mid-air, drop for 3 seconds and dash repeatedly to start flying in a smooth line (note that you will drop a little bit while doing this).  You can also fly in the Town Map.

Fly - In Dungeon, drop to hell for a few seconds, then dash repeatedly to start flying.  You will start dropping a little bit.  In the Battle Arena, go to the sniper place on the wall, go to the edge near the wall, whack the wall until you are like literally floating in mid-air next to the edge of the sniper place.  In front of you should be the wall.  Turn around.  face diagonally so you will not touch anything will dashing.  Touching anything will ruin the glitch.  Start dashing repeatedly and you will fly.

Elevator - In Battle Arena, go to the pit that has the wooden floor.  Go to the corner, get 2-3 people to stand above your head.  Each player stands above the head of the player below them.  Nobody should move except the player at the bottom.  He/she jumps repeatedly.  When it looks like your whole body is gliding straight through the player above you, you will start to rise very rapidly.  Once you fly all the way to the top of the arena, you will be bunched up together in a group. You will be floating in mid air watching the view below you.  Jumping, stunning, or swinging or sword will cause all of you to fall.
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[Gunz] My List of glitches!
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