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 [Gunz] Teh Ultimate K-Style Tutorial!

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[Gunz] Teh Ultimate K-Style Tutorial! Empty
PostSubject: [Gunz] Teh Ultimate K-Style Tutorial!   [Gunz] Teh Ultimate K-Style Tutorial! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2007 5:01 am

I'll just link to the best one I've found Very Happy

Also, here's how to do Forbidden Step:

Forbidden Step

How To:

Jump -> dash, slash-switch [Do it fast, and hold click after you slash] -> shoot-jump -> Shoot occurs automatically if you help slash. [Do it fast] -> switch back to sword -> dash away -> Jump -> dash -> slash-switch (slash, switch to gun) -> shoot -> dash another way -> switch back to sword -> dash away.

Comments: This is just simply SS + HS. Just do it from somewhere slightly higher then the floor, and you'll do it =]
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[Gunz] Teh Ultimate K-Style Tutorial!
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